Our Founding Story

Established in 1987, Faith Cosmetics was founded on the belief that women have a right to products that are free of harmful chemicals, yet effective. Working in collaboration with Dr. Hajime Nishioka, a renowned Japanese scientist specializing in bioscience, Faith developed their skincare system of safe and effective products. Faith Cosmetics is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and more than 30 years later, Shinichi Kojima, Faith’s chairperson is honored to bring Faith’s pioneering skincare system to the United States.


Our Skincare

Working with two scientists from Tokyo University of Science, Chihiro Kaise, Ph.D. and Teruhisa Kaneko, Ph.D. Faith created the world’s most powerful collagen delivery system. This patented technology is the key to achieving beautiful skin from the inside out. This cell repairing technology allows fresh and gelatin collagen wrapped around nano capsules to penetrate the outer layer of your skin to repair damaged and aging cell formations, giving your skin a more even and radiant surface.

Our Beauty Rituals

We believe in three facets of beauty: External, Internal and Spiritual and our mission is to help customers achieve balance and harmony. Faith is a research driven company and our mission is to produce the most effective skincare products in the world using pure, safe ingredients. Faith’s commitment to clean, safe ingredients is a core company value. For more than 20 years their products have been paraben-free.

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Our Promise

Faith takes meticulous care to ensure the ingredients in every one of our products maintains optimal freshness and product integrity. Faith’s research driven system of skincare products are designed to work together to provide radiant results. Collagen and vitamin C can’t provide results if they are degraded by heat, sunlight or oxidation, which is why their best-selling Precare Essence C requires refrigeration after compounding. A little more work, but the results are worth it.

Our Purpose

Faith is committed to creating the best skincare products in the world and to inspire women to lead happier and more radiant lives. We believe in a Better Brighter You and a commitment to radiant, healthy, skin. Our philosophy focuses on improving your skin’s natural beauty from the inside out. Guided by the world’s most advanced skincare science and a Japanese tradition of meticulous attention to detail, we are a technology focused skincare company.