Collagen is Your Key to Beautiful SkinHere's why it's important and how it works.

It seems that every five minutes a new product with collagen is popping up somewhere on your news feed. Collagen is often touted as the best anti-aging solution and can be found in both drugstore brands and high-end cosmetics. Yet, despite the market inundation few people actually know what collagen is and how it works.
Collagen sounds like something that would be liquid or a chemical, but in reality, it is a naturally occurring protein which helps to form and maintain, skin, muscles, bones and tendons. Some types of collagen proteins, are actually even stronger gram-for-gram than steel! According to Medical News Today, it is the most abundant protein found in the human body. Ann Marie Helmenstine Ph.D., in this article reports that collagen makes up 25-35% of the human body. That amount of collagen is important to note, because it acts as base upon which your body build’s its largest organ - your skin.
Imagine trying to build a house without a foundation - it’s impossible. Skin without collagen simply wouldn’t stand. The collagen in your skin is right below the epidermis, in your dermis and works to support and plump your top layer of skin, making your face smooth and tight. Collagen is responsible for giving skin its’ youthful bounce. Yet, as you age, collagen production in the body naturally slows down and is the underlying cause of wrinkles and fine lines.
For those wanting to achieve beautiful and bouncy skin, adding products with collagen, and curating a lifestyle that supports collagen uptake, is key. That said, not all collagen products are created equal. In a study by The Dermatology Review, it was found that the majority of products that are advertised with collagen actually don’t work because they fail to help the collagen be absorbed into the skin due the size of the collagen molecule.
Our nano-capsule technology actively works to help collagen molecules penetrate your skin and go deep down where it’s needed. The key feature of this nano capsule technology is wrapping the fresh collagen around microscopic phospholipid nano capsules that are able to penetrate your skin.
Collagen is essential for glowing, healthy skin, but make sure to understand how that collagen is being delivered and where the materials are coming from. In addition to using high-quality collagen products, here are simple tips for better collagen retention:

• Use sunscreen and avoid long-term sun exposure. UV rays can be harmful to the formation of collagen in your skin
• Eat a diet that is full of Vitamin C (oranges, strawberries, lemons, and peppers) and Vitamin A (carrots, sweet potato, and parsley) these vitamins help to produce and maintain collagen
• Enjoy exercise! Having a healthy lifestyle can help prevent the signs of aging and collagen depletion
• Avoid high sugar consumption as that can weaken collagen structure within the body


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